If you want to contribute to the Arpeggio project.

Arpeggio is open for contributions. You can contribute code, documentation, tests, bug reports. If you plan to make a contribution it would be great if you first announce that on the discussion forum.

For bug reports please use github issue tracker.

For code/doc/test contributions do the following:

  1. Fork the project on github.
  2. Clone your fork.

    To clone source repository with git and install for development do:

    $ git clone
    $ cd Arpeggio
    $ python develop
  3. Make a branch for the new feature and switch to it.

  4. Make one or more commits.
  5. Push your branch to github.
  6. Make a pull request. I will look at the changes and if everything is ok I will pull it in.


For code contributions please try to adhere to the PEP-8 guidelines. Although I am not strict in that regard it is useful to have a common ground for coding style. To make things easier use tools for code checking (PyLint, PyFlakes, pep8 etc.).