Terminator and Vim love

For my day-to-day coding (when I don’t code in Java ;) ) I use vim editor and I like it a lot. It is arguably the tool of trade that needs quite amount of time to learn properly but it is surely rewarding. It has some amazing plugins and it is the editor that is installed on your linux servers so knowing at least some basics is almost necessary if you need to do some server administration.

For shell stuff I use zsh and great set of configurations/addition Oh-my-zsh. If you haven’t try it yet, you don’t know what are you missing.


Slow Libre Office file opening

If you are experiencing a several seconds delay while opening files with Libre Office (Open Office might be affected to) it might be the same issue I run into today.

It seems that during startup LO polls printers over CUPS daemon. If there is a problem with the network and configured printers are not reachable you will experience a several seconds delay with each file open. This will not affect opening a file in the already running instance of LO.

The current workaround I use is to disable CUPS

sudo systemctl stop org.cups.cupsd
sudo systemctl disable org.cups.cupsd

… and start it only when I plan to do some printing and the printers are reachable:

sudo systemctl start org.cups.cupsd

Screencasting in ArchLinux

Today I put some time in setting a screenrecording environment on my main machine. My idea is to record some screencasts of creating Domain-Specific Languages in textx.

For main screen recorder I choose SimpleScreenRecorder. It is simple, fast, easy to setup, and it is available in the binary repository so it is just a

sudo pacman -S simplescreenrecorder



Hello world!

Just got this up and running. Expect to see some posts in the near future.